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Spammer X

Spammer X, author of Inside the SPAM Cartel published by Syngress, talked with
the Geeks about the deviousness of SPAM.

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Digital Media Factory

Marty Collins joins the geeks for a spotlight on movie making in Santa Cruz.
Marty founded the Santa Cruz based Digital
Media Factory
which is housed in the old Wrigley’s building which has bandwidth,
space and a factory feel to produce digital content.

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Geek Call-In

The geeks take your calls.

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DigiBarn's Maze Retrospective

DigiBarn is a computer history museum in Boulder Creek. They are promoting a November 7th Maze War 30 Year Retrospective
“The First First Person Shooter” at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA Bruce Damer of DigiBarn joins the geeks to talk about this 30 year-old game and it’s upcomming celibration and retrospective.