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Combating Adware, Spyware and Internet Scams

The geeks discuss methods for combating Spyware, Adware and Internet Scams.
Just how susceptible are computers to data stealing applications that are
delivered by malicious email and fraudulent websites?
Learn how to keep your computer, personal information and identity safe on GeekSpeak.

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Geek Call-In

The Geeks anser calls and emails.

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Windows XP Hacks and Service Pack 2 with Preston Gralla

Preston Gralla, freelance journalist, columnist and author of Windows XP Hacks by O’Reilly, a book we will be discussing on this week’s show, is a self-avowed Windows die-hard. His Weblogs are interesting, controversial, and above all, informational. A few of these include A Windows Die-Hard Confronts Linux, Why Windows Still Beats Linux and Why Firefox Beats Internet Explorer. In his his latest Weblog titled To SP2 or Not SP2, Preston discusses whether users should take the install the new Service Pack 2 update. Join the Geeks this week as they discuss Service Pack 2 with Preston Gralla and pick his brain for the most interesting Windows XP “hacks” — the cool shortcuts, useful tools and undocumented tips that make life with Windows XP that much easier.
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Internet Cable in Santa Cruz

Good rural Internet access is hard to find. Most people in out-laying areas are too far from their telephone companies’s central office to get DSL and satilite Internet access is expensive and problematic. Your local cable company might be your Internet providing savor. But it might not be that simple. The geeks talk Internet Cable and being firm with the “customer help line.”