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The Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft and the Mysteries of Saturn and Titan

Joe Jordan, planetary and atmospheric modeler for the SETI Institute

(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), joins the geeks to discuss his work modeling the atmosphere of Saturn’s
moon Titan, where the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft will arrive in July 2004. This seven-year journey to Saturn will place the Cassini spacecraft into a four-year orbit around the planet to measure its magnetosphere and will analyze the composition of Saturn’s famous rings
and its atmosphere. In December 2004, Cassini will eject the Huygens probe that will descend into Saturn’s mysterious
moon of Titan. If Huygen’s survives the impact of the landing upon the frozen moon, it will be the furthest human-made
object ever to land on a celestial body. (Cassini-Huygens image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech)

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Flash Mob Computing

Flash mobs, similar to the happenings of the 60’s, are groups of people
that converge on a location, do something, and then disperse. In April professors
at the University of San Fransisco with their students organized a flash mob to build a
supercomputer. Greg Benson,
co-founder of FlashMobComputing.org,
joins the Geeks for a discussion about the first ever Flash Mob Supercomputer.

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The geeks do a spot of news and then take your calls.

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Digital Photography with Derrick Story

Being an expert at digital photography can take years,
but taking good pictures doesn’t have to.
Derrick Story, author of
Digital Photography Hacks from O’Reilly,
joins the geeks with 100 tips that will help you take better photographs.