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Mac G5 Spec-Talk

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Iron Science Teacher

The Exploratorium, in San Fransisco, is the home of
over 600 interactive
exhibits in the areas of science, art, and human perception.
Dr. Paul
, Co-Director & Staff Physicist, joins the Geeks to talk about the
exhibits and the popular webcast program " Iron Science Teacher".

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Data Backup

There are two types of hard drives, ones that have failed and ones that will.
Prepare yourself by backing up your data. You hear about backing up your data all
the time, but it can sometimes be a little intimidating and challenging.
Learn the do’s and don’ts with the Geeks.

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Data Recovery

Hard drives fail all the time. Eventually your hard drive will fail and your data
will no longer be available. Ron Austin of
Action Front Data Recovery Labs
joins the geeks for a discussion on how data can be recovered from “dead” hard drives.