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IC Design with Paul McGrath

Exploration of development and design of Integrated Circuits.
Paul McGrath of Mixed Signal Systems, joins the Geeks to discuss the details of creating the silicon chips that are in everything these days.
Intergrated Circuit Design with Paul McGrath of Mixed Signal Systems Inc. of Scotts Valley, CA.

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Home Network Installation

John Tracy, our very own Geek, set’s up home networks as an independent contractor. Recently he installed a ethernet network for Miles Elam (another one of the Geeks). Learn all about how it is done, what issues you may ran into, and what the benefits of a home or small business network are.

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Adobe Website Creation Industry

As the World Wide Web becomes more and more relied appon,
companies have an enhanced need for simple, reliable website creation tools and practices.
Learn the trends of Web site creation and where the industry is heading next.
Web guru George Arriola and SVG expert Jon Ferraiolo from
Adobe join the Geeks for an indepth discussion on Web Site Creation.

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Digital Arts Festival: Santa Cruz

The technology behind Digital Arts can be considered cold and calculating, but the Art is rich and full of life. The Santa Cruz Digital Arts Festival celebrates the artists, their works and the accessibility of digital art in Santa Cruz County.