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High-Tech Job Searching

Marky Stein,

career coach, joins the Geeks for a discussion about the high-tech job shortage and the tricks to landing a job. Learn how to find a high-tech job in tough economic times.

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Processor Technical Challenges

For more then 20 years chip manufactures have been improving processors at an amazing rate, doubling performance every year. Learn the difficulties that microprocessor creatoers face in the years to come. Harry Goldstein, Senior Associate Editor at IEEE Spectrum magazine, joins the Geeks for a detailed disscussion about the micro-processors industry.
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Preempted: Online Dating

Jeff Rudluff, VP of Product at
Match.com, joins the Geeks
for a discussion about online dating. How do computers match people
together? How many people use online dating services? How successful
are these online dating services?
Update: Due to live coverage of from the UN, this show did
not air. Jeff, thank you for being there for us.

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Network Security with Chey Cobb

Chey Cobb, author of Network Security for Dummies joins the geeks in a discussion about making your home offices and homes networks safer and more secure. Also on the table, the recent Homeland Security Act and how this will, or will not, affect hacking and security.