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Copyright in the Digital World

Copyright was created in a time that is fundamentally different then
the computer world we all live in today. Learn all about the conflicts
that are created by copyright in a digital landscape. Michael McKay, a
programer and consumer advocate, joins the Geeks to bring us all up to
speed on digital rights.For information on digital copyright issues you can try
You can also try, San Francisco based,
Electronic Frontier
for even more information about digital age

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John Bower from Santa Cruz Electronics

John Bower 20 year owner of
Santa Cruz
joins the geeks for a disscussion of
computer hobbyists vs mainstream consumers. Tune in to hear all about
the trends of computer upgrades and purchaces.

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RDVDC (Recordable DVD Council)

DVD authoring on your home computer is a reality, but there are three different DVD formats. Who is going to win the VHS/Beta Max of the optical disc wars? The RDVDC is the marketing arm of the DVD Forum, the standards body that regulates the DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM standards. We’ll be leaving DVD+R/RW at the door this night to talk about DVD-R/RW, the standard that is compatible with over 99% of the DVD players and representing 77% of the recordable DVD market.

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Geeks Answer Your Calls

Call in and join the show. We will entertain questions fitting in the Geek Realm… is that broad enough for you?