Drone Hacking Warp Drives

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Lyle and Brian discuss Hacking Philosophy, semi autonomous drones, Microsoft implies the government is a threat and NASA is testing an actual F.T.L. warp drive theory?

Why Bezos's Drone Is More Than a Joke

Bezos draws publicity with a pie-in-the-sky idea to deliver packages by flying robot drones. It’s not as cooky an idea as it might sound, but it isn’t Amazon that will first put them in use.

Warp Drive!!!

Faster than light travel using a Warp drive?!? Could it actually be possible? NASA is currently testing a theory that has many respected scientists stating they believe it is possible!

23andMe stops providing Health information to satisfy the FDA

23andMe can report to you all kinds of useful info about your own genetic code. But, the FDA hasn’t cleared them to report health interpretations based on 23andMe’s device sent to users is being used as a medical device.

flash supported on android

I’m not into flash, but logging into my bank account is great.

Photon Flash Player & Browser – Android Apps on Google Play

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Photon Flash Player for Android app is finally here! Photon Flash Browser for Android devices is the