SQRLs Protect Wine from Google's Crypto-Virus Boat

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What is in the SF Bay from Google? A new boxed wine for your bottles. Post Halloween Magnets, Cryptolocker virus is scary!!! And Lyle valiantly tries to explain SQRL and how it will replace passwords.

Bonnie notices how much Lyle has become a Google-Freak.

Data Center - or Google Glass store?

I wax on about my recent fantastic human support from Google, of all people. And how I came to the conclusion that Google might be taking these new Glass Explorer support staff and do retail. And then I saw this article. Interesting!

Google - Showcase Afloat

Those barges we mentioned last week, they might be something other then data centers.

Wine Tech - keeping it fresh...

Wine goes “bad” when exposed to oxegen.

Boxed wines are perfect! Or….

Post Halloween Project

Fridge magnets!


Darn, a new trend in virus which is really effective at making you give bad guys money.

SQRL ... replacing passwords

Secure QR code Login was thought up by, security and harddrive expert Steve Gibson.