Monster Cards, Kracken, and Cracking Cases

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Being silly, Java todo, Kracken video, make monster cards, fixing small tech stuff and calls from listeners.

Kraken on Video!

A full story on how NHK and Discovery Channel captured a Giant Squid on film.

Philippe Dubost- Resume Like Amazon!

Philippe, a Web Product Manager, decided to make his resume like an Amazon product page. Very cool.

Monster Cards

Bonnie and I chatted about Monster Cards – DIY analog game hacking with minimal rules.

Here are some pictures of some of the cards we have played with:

Fixing Micro USB connector

At the end of this episode I ranted about my “fixing” an iPhone case micro USB connector.

Here is a picture of the PCB with the Micro USB connector

Calls we took this episode...

  • Eric – SC – java & multiple browsers
  • Tony – San Jose – AT&T Uverse for internet.
  • Ramona – San Juan Batista – Intuit Sync?

GS Episode: Deathstar Full of Banana Slugs

Last week’s show page has good links about dealing with Java.
This week we talked about having two browsers – your main one having Java disabled.