Even Dead People are Against SOPA

Kepler finds Earth-sized planets, Congress is using the internet like all of us, should we use a new calendar, is your IP router IPv6 ready, and SOPA still sucks! – Ben, Lyle and Miles.

IPv6 Ready

Verify protocol implementation and validate interoperability of IPv6 products.
Provide access to free self-testing tools.
Provide IPv6 Ready Logo testing laboratories across the globe dedicated to provide testing assistance or services.

Kepler team spots Earth-sized planets orbiting sun-like star

Just two weeks after the confirmation of a planet that’s within the habitable zone of a distant star, the Kepler team is back with the discovery of two Earth-sized planets orbiting in what is now a five-planet system (three other planets orbiting the star, Kepler-20, had been spotted earlier). Although these planets are much too hot to support liquid water, one of them (Kepler-20e) is the smallest exoplanet yet detected.

Time for a Change?

Researchers at The Johns Hopkins University have discovered a way to make time stand still — at least when it comes to the yearly calendar. – a new calendar with mostly 30 day months.

Coders Are Already Finding Ways Around SOPA Censorship

A developer who calls himself T Rizk doesn’t have much faith in Congress making the right decision on anti-piracy legislation, so he’s built a work around for the impending censorship measures being considered: DeSOPA.

Congress Plugs Anti-Piracy Legislation and Pirates Porn

Congress Plugs Anti-Piracy Legislation By Day, Pirates Porn by Night