The Questionable Science of Royal Weddings

Royal wedding news. No just kidding (sorta). Stolen camera finder, [SETI|Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence] turned off, chemistry sets without chemicals.

Stolen Camera Finder - find your photos, find your camera

stolencamerafinder uses the serial number stored in your photo to search the web for photos taken with the same camera. more…

mathematics to forecast ageing of body art

It may be small comfort if you wake up after a heavy night with a hazy memory and some unsuitable words inked in to your body, but it is now possible to predict what a piece of body artwork will look like in years or decades hence.

A mathematical model uses the way dye moves over time within skin to predict how a tattoo will blur and fade.

Turn Steel Into Solar Panels With Photovoltaic Spray Paint

No, it’s not a joke or a crazy awesome futuristic concept. It’s real.

Tata Steel Europe (formerly Corus) and Swansea University in Wales, UK are collaborating to develop a spray-on technology that would transform steel sheets into solar panels. Earth and Industry says,

The technology has significant applications since it is highly efficient even in diffused sunlight. Therefore, countries at higher latitudes or those with limited solar energy resource can generate significant amounts of solar-powered electricity with going for large-scale power plants.

If extended, the technology can find its way to the automobile industry where photo-sensitive dyes can be applied to cars to generate electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen for fuel cells. Tata recently invested in an American company, Sun Catalytix, which integrates low-cost catalyst with solar-powered fuel cells to generate power.

Scientists Develop Affordable Solar Panels That Work In The Dark

Scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory announced Wednesday that they have been able to confirm a new high-efficiency solar cell design that utilizes nearly the entire solar spectrum.

Most Famous Desktop WallPaper Of Windows XP

Most Famous Desktop WallPaper Of Windows XP

It’s amazing how a small idea transform into a larger brand. For regular windows xp user, you must have noticed the default desktop wallpaper which is one of the most famous XP wallpaper background used widely and is considered as an recognized mark of new Windows XP system. But have you ever wondered how did the wallpaper originate?

Store More Than 36 Photos on These Film Roll USB Sticks

Store More Than 36 Photos on These Film Roll USB Sticks

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Like TeamCoCo to tell your FB friends to FU

As an antidote to the typical Facebook chatter, Conan O’Brien has created 25 video messages that you can post to your friends’ walls. Like TeamCoCo to get access.

Like TeamCoCo to tell your FB friends to FU

As an antidote to the typical Facebook chatter, Conan O’Brien has created 25 video messages that you can post to your friends’ walls. Like TeamCoCo to get access.

Mac users more educated, less Harley-loving

Hunch—the brainspawn of, among others, Flickr founder Caterina Fake—is a site that claims to personalize the Internet by infusing your laptop with your body odor (or something like that). More importantly, it took answers from 388,315 people and then cross-referenced the data with other questionnaires in order to cull vital computing information.

The Army’s App Store for War

Army Marketplace will start off featuring the few dozen applications that soldiers created last year during the Apps for the Army contest. Those early efforts ran the gamut from workout guides to digitized manuals for standard Army tasks. So far, there are 17 apps for Android phones and another 16 for iPhones.

SpaceX Video of Powered Dragon Mars Landing

Elon Musk wants to see SpaceX go to Mars, facilitating the expansion of mankind’s influence throughout the solar system. If there’s someone wanting a ride, Musk wants SpaceX to be the first company they call.

Browsing through time and space with GigaPan

The Carnegie Mellon GigaPan team took their creative and technical skills to the next level with the GigaPan Time Machine, which brings this same kind of visual interactivity to video using the power of HTML5 and modern browser technology.

SETI scope suspends search

Last Friday, the SETI Institute in Mountainview, California, sent out a letter to its donors explaining that the Allen Telescope Array, a set of radio dishes that the Institute runs in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, would be going into a period of “hibernation” because of budget.

Nikon Image Authentication System: Compromised

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. researched Nikon’s Image Authentication System, a secure suite validating if an image has been altered since capture, and discovered a major flaw. The flaw allows anyone producing forged pictures that will successfully pass validation with Nikon’s Image Authentication Software. The weakness lies in the manner the secure image signing key is being handled in Nikon digital cameras.

DOJ gets court permission to attack botnet

The U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation have obtained a temporary restraining order allowing them to disrupt a computer virus that created an international botnet controlling more than 2.3 million computers as of early 2010, the DOJ announced Wednesday.

Feds to remotely uninstall Coreflood bot from some PCs

Federal authorities will remotely uninstall the Coreflood botnet Trojan from some infected Windows PCs over the next four weeks. Coreflood will be removed from infected computers only when the owners have been identified by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and they have submitted an authorization form to the FBI.

Apple's App Store lawsuit gets a response from Amazon

Apple had filed a lawsuit in March against Amazon’s use of “App Store” in their newly launched Amazon AppStore. Apple had informed Amazon that using the term “App Store” was unlawful because they owned the rights to the term itself. In the lawsuit Amazon indicates that the term “App Store” is too generic for Apple to lay claim to the name itself.

Netflix tops Comcast as largest video subscription service

Netflix knocked over a new milestone Monday: It now has more subscribers than the largest cable TV operator in the U.S. Netflix’s global subscriber base grew almost 70% over the past year, to 23.6 million users. With that audience, it dethroned Comcast (CMCSA, Fortune 500) as the country’s biggest provider of subscription video content. More than 7% of Americans now subscribe to Netflix.

Voyager Set to Enter Interstellar Space

More than 30 years after they left Earth, NASA’s twin Voyager probes are now at the edge of the solar system. Not only that, they’re still working. And with each passing day they are beaming back a message that, to scientists, is both unsettling and thrilling.

Chemical-Free Chemistry

The other day JAYFK posted a story about an innovative new idea in chemistry sets for young science students. Yes, folks, the idea is that young scholars should learn about the science of chemistry through doing, um, experiments that are, um, “chemical free”.

Ode to the Brain! by Symphony of Science

Starring various TED Talk speakers, Carl Sagan, Bill Nye, and more!