Dog DNA Kinects non-Habitable Mercury

The geeks discuss genetic testing for your dog, April Fools pranks, and pictures from Mercury. Callers bring up the Microsoft Kinect, nuclear power and ways to get Netflix on your TV. Habitable or Habitable; Lindsey and Lyle debate.

Dog DNA Test, Dog Breed Test - Wisdom Panel Canine DNA Testing

Wisdom Panel Insights not only detects the breeds in your dog’s ancestry, it will also model an ancestry chart showing where each breed was likely involved so you can see when the breeds contributed to your dog’s family history!

Portal - Minecraft Wiki

The Portal is part of the October 31st Halloween Update.1 It consists of a frame of Obsidian, four blocks wide, by five blocks tall. The corners of the frame are not required, and only serve for aesthetic purposes. Once the frame is constructed, the player then sets the space inside the frame on fire, using a flint and steel, or Lava and a flammable block. This creates 6 portal blocks inside the frame, resembling a vortex.

Crazy USB: Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal

The Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal is just what you need to clean up your office and destress at the same time!

When you plug in the portal, the mesmerizing glow instills instant calm in your office. Combined with a deep, mystical hum, the Minecraft USB Desktop Nether Portal will soothe even the most shattered nerves. At the same time, you know where the portal leads… and there’s something extra satisfying about tossing “important” reports straight into the fires of the Nether.

Limewire owes us $75 trillion, says music industry

The 13 record companies currently suing peer-to-peer filesharing service Limewire have estimated that the company owes them between $400 billion and $75 trillion.

That top amount is comes in at £46,650,361,440,306.00 but hey, it’s such an unfathomable amount of money that it barely warrants converting.

We can’t help but picture Dr Evil proudly demanding “One hundred billion dollars!” of in order not to blast the world with his “lay-ser” from his “death star” (air quotes).

Dark Matter Heat Could Make Exoplanets Habitable

Dark matter collecting inside exoplanets could heat some cold worlds enough to support life, even without the warm glow of starlight.

First image of Mercury from Messenger reaches Earth

The first image ever obtained from a spacecraft orbiting Mercury was captured at 5:20am on March 29th by NASA’s Messenger. In total, a batch of 363 images were captured over a 6 hour period and transmitted back to Earth. NASA is expecting 1,185 more by April 4th, and a total of 75,000 images by April 2012.

Google +1 social rating is live

When you search for something on Google, (if you are logged into a Google account), you will see how many times an item has been “+1’d” in your search results.

Future gadgets could charge through nanowires

Dr. Zhong Lin Wang of the Georgia Institute of Technology is working on a technology that would allow our clothes (or maybe bodies) to charge our electronic gadgets in the future.

NASA finalizes contest for final Endeavour wake-up call

A regular Joe or Jane will join the ranks of Sinatra, Elton John, Madonna and the Beatles in the next week or two.
NASA had a competition for people to submit songs that will be played on the 25th and final Endeavor mission in mid-april, and they are asking for votes on the 10 finalists.

Creepy app warns of an end to privacy | thinq_

“Creepy is a software package for Linux or Windows – with a Mac OS X port in the works – that aims to gather public information on a targeted individual via social networking services in order to pinpoint their location. It’s remarkably efficient at its job, even in its current early form, and certainly lives up to its name when you see it in use for the first time.”

Wikipedia wants more contributions from academics

“The foundation wants to raise the level of expert participation – be it fully fledged editing or helping editors identify inaccuracies – to improve the quality of pages, cover more scholarly and encyclopaedic knowledge, and increase the diversity of participants, says Taraborelli. But, issues of lack of time and unfamiliar technology aside, the biggest barrier to more participation may be the academic ego.”

Top 10 April Fools' Day Fake News Items for 2011 - PCWorld

“It’s April Fools’ Day 2011 and there is no shortage of geek-themed jokes lurking around every corner of the Internet today. There’s a sad announcement for European fans of Spotify, Hulu is taking a giant technological leap backwards, Gmail has a new feature inspired by Microsoft Kinect, and Google is finally offering a job that doesn’t require an engineering degree. Check out this list of the top 10 April Fools’ Day Fake News Item for 2011. And remember, if you find something online that seems to good to be true today, it probably is.”


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