Comcast and Leopard on Rails

The Geeks dump on Comcast, Apple’s Leopard dumps on the Geeks, and the BBC dumps Ruby.

BBC Perls of Wisdom

While Ruby on Rails is a great web development environment, the Ruby interpreter turned out to be a little too slow for the BBC’s use. As a result, [the BBC has ported the Rails environment to Perl|] for some extra kick.

Comcast Controversy

For more information about Comcast’s Internet Infringement, check out [EFF’s page |] on the subject.

Is Apple's Leopard Worth the Switch?

The Geeks aren’t the only ones noticing issues with Apple’s new [OS|Operating System]. PC Magazine’s Oliver Rist [rants about recent changes in OS X|] by comparing it to Windows Vista.

Pandora out of browser

One of our listeners was experiencing significant performance issues with running Pandora in her browser. An alternative would be to run Pandora in a stand-alone application that you could easily restart at the first sign of performance decrease. Luckily there are at least to easily available options to do just that, one for [Windows|] and one for [Mac OS|] .

! That Pesky 3D Dock
Apple’s new Leopard has an annoying 3D dock which you can disable! Simply open Applications→ Utilities→ Terminal and run…
*! To turn off the 3D dock
*defaults write no-glass -boolean YES; killall Dock
*! To turn on the 3D dock
*defaults write no-glass -boolean NO; killall Dock

The “killall” simply restarts the Dock.