Radio Power, Wind Power, and Voting Power

The Geeks discuss radio transmission including potential health effects, wind power combined with magnetics to reduce friction, and a new look at electronic voting in California. Lyle, Sean, Miles, and Ryder explore these and other issues while they take your calls.

Voting Machines Fail Security

Security researchers at the University of California report back to the California Secretary of State, Debra Brown, about [multiple vulnerabilities in voting machines|] already certified by the state.

Cell Tower Problems Only In Your Mind?

Researchers in the UK have recently performed one of the first [double blind experiments|] on the effects of cell tower emissions (called phone masts in the UK) on people who consider themselves “allergic.” The results? Almost all participants [failed to detect whether the tower was active or not|], but most of the allergic test group reacted when told the towers were active — even if they were not.

Super-strong "Paper"

[Carbon “paper” stronger than carbon nanotubes|]? Perhaps. From the article: “Now, a research team from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, has assembled particles of graphene oxide, a form of graphite and a cousin of diamonds, into very thin sheets that are even stronger than those made of the nanotubes.”

Maglev Wind Turbines

Wind power without its feet on the ground. These [turbines potentially eliminate much of the friction involved with windmill technology by using magnetism|] to lift off the ground.

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