Maximizing Games with YouGamers

The Geeks welcome Nick Evanson, Editor-in-Chief of [YouGamers|], a professional online publication backed by [Futuremark|] and a team of editors that tackle PC games in a distinctive and interesting way by examining how the look, feel and performance of a game scales across wide ranges of PC hardware setups. In fact, they’ve built a tool called Game-O-Meter that determines exactly how well your hardware will actually play a game!

[nick_evanson_yougamers.jpg] Nick Evanson, the Editor-in-Chief of YouGamers, is responsible for all online content, editorials and site management at [YouGamers|]. Prior to his EIC position, he worked in a variety of industries including food, water, and museums, before teaching physics for ten years. During that time, he worked as an Internet journalist and writer, co-running a couple of long-gone UK websites before moving on to freelance writing at Futuremark and writing reviews at Beyond3D. His computing history dates back to the early 1980’s, programming Sinclair ZX-81s in his bedroom for fun. Nick lives in the UK with his wife and small fuzzy dog.