GeekSpeak for 2007-03-10

Encyclopedias Battling Liberal Bias

A conservative online encyclopedia, an OS on a BIOS, flash-augmented hard drives, and more discussed by Sean, Miles and Lyle. During the second half the geeks take your calls.

2MB Computer

Some truly enterprising individuals have put a full stack — [BIOS|Basic Input Output System] ([LinuxBIOS|]), a kernel (Linux), a basic environment ([BusyBox|]), a X-based [GUI|Graphical User Interface] ([KDrive|]), a window manager ([Matchbox|]), and graphical terminal software ([rxvt|]) — [all within 2MB|] in motherboard flash. Zero to bootup in less than six seconds!

Hybrid Hard Drives Hit the Market

The [first hybrid flash/magnetic hard drive|] has been released.

Conservative Online Encyclopedia

Think your encyclopedia has too much liberal bias (or is too accurate), try out [Conservapedia|]: without all of those pesky entries that make extreme conservatives nervous.

Competition to the iPhone

It looks like a there are going to be a few competitors to Apple’s upcoming [iPhone|] including [Palm|] and [Google|]. Exciting times!

Microsoft Trying to Replace JPEG

In a bid to replace [[JPEG|Joint Photographic Experts Group]|] on digital cameras, Microsoft has introduced their [HD Photo Initiative|].

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