Space, Security, and Pirates

Special Guest Geek Scott Crowe joins us for news about Pirate Bay, comets, business successes and calls from our loyal fan base.

Links to free antivirus programs, the Windows narrator, Comet McNaught and music download services

Updates on the OLPC

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project takes yet another step toward shipping to kids in the developing world. This time with [pictures|]…

A Supplement to Anti-Virus

Where anti-virus software works on the principle of “default allow” — in other words, unless a program or library is in a list of bad programs, the program is allowed to run — a program called [Exe Lockdown|] works by “default deny.” The idea being that most people use the same programs every day. Instead of enumerating malicious applications, you tell the programs what is good. After installing and configuring, any program, virus, or spyware not on your list of “good” programs are blocked.

The best part? No definitions to download on a regular basis.

Windows Home Server

[Windows Home Server|], Infrant lite?

Vanishing Point Game

To promote Windows Vista, Microsoft is sponsoring an [elaborate online puzzle game|].

The grand prize includes “a chance to see the ultimate vista” – a trip to the edge of space aboard a rocket plane, including some zero-gravity time. Nice! Lots of other more earthly prizes are up for grabs too.

Xbox 360 meets IPTV

The Xbox 360 really wants to make its way into my living room. Their video marketplace is #1 for downloadable HD content and now IPTV, or TV through the Internet, is coming to a [360 upgrade in late 2007|].

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!! Music subscription links:

Tyler from Santa Cruz writes in with “[eMusic|] is cheap & awesome & has a bit of everything plus the artists get most of the money.”

There is [a writeup at Engadget|] of Vongo, a new subscription based movie download service offered by Starz.