Pi's Chrome Extension uses a Unique PIN on Open Hardware

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1234 may not be the best PIN, quitting iOS apps does nothing, should Ben keep working on his Chrome extension for OkCupid, a 314gb drive for the RasberryPi, detecting people even while using Tor.
And in the post-show Ben and Lyle geek out on Star Trek and how working for NF and FB feels a bit like being in a Gene Roddenberry universe.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Encryption (HBO) - YouTube

Strong encryption poses problems for law enforcement, is weakening it worth the risks it presents? It’s…complicated.

PIN number analysis

There are 10,000 possible combinations that the digits 0-9 can be arranged to form a 4-digit pin code. Out of these ten thousand codes, which is the least commonly used?

iPhone battery life has nothing to do with manually quitting iOS apps | BGR

Apple software engineering VP Craig Federighi recently dispelled one of the more long-standing myths about iPhone battery life. In short, if you spend a few minutes every day double clicking the iPhone home button and manually closing up applications in an effort to maintain battery life, you’re wasting your time.

benjaffe/chrome-okc-plugin: OkCupid Poly Plugin

This plugin was created by benjaffe in order to make it easier for people, particularly with non-mainstream preferences, to find good matches on OKCupid.

Ben is not sure he is going to keep updating this Open Source project, but can’t give it to someone else because that could negatively effect his 12,000 user base.

Google Chrome Extension Caught Stealing Bitcoin From Users - Slashdot

Bitcoin exchange portal Bitstamp is warning users of a Google Chrome extension that steals their Bitcoin when making a transfer.

Google Joins Facebook's Open Compute Project | NewsFactor Business Report

Tech giant Google announced today that it will be joining the Open Compute Project (OCP) with the contribution of a new design to bring 48V power distribution to rack computing. The company said its contribution will include a new rack specification and a new form factor that will allow OCP racks to fit in its data centers.

Lawyer: Man accused of jamming calls on Red Line 'disturbed by people talking around him' - Chicago Tribune

“He’s disturbed by people talking around him,” attorney Charles Lauer said after a judge set bail at $10,000 while dubbing Nicholl “the cellphone police.” “He might have been selfish in thinking about himself, but he didn’t have any malicious intent.”

PiDrive 314GB Offers Power-Efficient Storage For Raspberry Pi

Western Digital promises new hard drive is optimised for Raspberry Pi and can aid storage-intensive projects with greater reliability and power efficiency

Tor Users Can Be Tracked Based On Their Mouse Movements - Slashdot

The way you move your mouse is unique, like fingerprints, and can be used by dark forces to track you on supposedly anonymous and secure networks like Tor…

Modeled After Ants, Teams of Tiny Robots Can Move 2-Ton Car - The New York Times

Archimedes pointed out that with a lever he could move the world.

He most likely would have been surprised to learn that a team of six microrobots, weighing just 3.5 ounces in total, could pull a car weighing 3,900 pounds.

A Plagiarism Scandal Is Unfolding In The Crossword World | FiveThirtyEight

A group of eagle-eyed puzzlers, using digital tools, has uncovered a pattern of copying in the professional crossword-puzzle world that has led to accusations of plagiarism and false identity.

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