Authentic Prototype Encryption Authorizes 3D Tools

Teaser medium

A primer on ‘authentication’ vs ‘authorization’; wearable tech & other exciting designs to check out (like SpaceX 3D rocket design toolkit); and our listeners ask for tips (photo management & watermarking)…and offer them (for failing headphones).

no more overheated pets, children

a prototype for regulating the temperature in hot cars.

What encrypted data can the NSA read?

New articles discussing what kind of data can the NSA can decrypt and how they have been working to get around existing uncrackable encryption.

Future of Design - GeekBit

Showing a few technologies coming together – get excited by tech, watch this video.

Ballmer fall down, go boom

The resulting shriek concerned Nokia negotiators that the Microsoft honcho was displeased with their counter-offer.

Adobe Bridge

Watermarking in Adobe Bridge.

Kapture: the audio-recording wristband

Continuous audio recording that allows you to save that last 60 seconds of a moment you want to keep forever.

Great for capturing those spontaneous ideas! Or, do you have a sexual harassment problem? Perhaps an audio record would prove it. [Or improve it — Bonnie Jean]

Ring Clock

A stylish ring to tell time.

Wearable tech: hear also 'For Ladies Only'

Following up on Brian’s report today: In an episode from July 27th 2013, Lindsey & Bonnie discuss other wearable tech designs to blur the line between human & machine. Your dream of becoming bionic is getting closer & closer to reality.

Mardeen emailed in...

“Solution for failing headphones: Buy them from an actual store (not online) and keep your receipt. When they stop working after three weeks, take them back to the store where they will replace them immediately. Repeat.

“It takes a bit if effort, but you only have to pay once for perpetually functioning headphones, as long as you don’t change brands. Maybe this will force the stores to pressure the manufacturers to improve durability.”

3D designs for the greater good

Prizewinning designs include braille tiles so the sighted can write to the blind people in their lives; personalizeable vaccination beads that are fun to wear; and a cone set up for distilling clean drinking water. Smart!

Lyle's article explaining PGP

I think the reason people do not use PGP is partially because it is hard to understand. Here is my attempt to explain it.