UBEW Taps Bonnie's Pager, Finds Old Computer

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‘Alternate reality geeks’ of the Union of Benevolent Electrical Workers, Meadbh Hamrick and Jeremiah Daniels, consider NSA shenanigans, suggest personal courses of action—and take calls from listeners. With alternate reality host Bonnie Jean Primbsch.

My workplace is Geekier than Yours

Meadbh (‘Mave’) reports coming upon this scene of genome sequencing wih a fruity keyboard. (Not sure I believe it even after seeing it. —Bonnie)

Apple releases stats

The company responds to NSA/Prism by giving statistics on govt. requests

Browse anonymously

Search engine promises not to track your history

Learn your own encryption

With UBEW’s classes, designed to make useful geeky knowledge available to everyone. Classes offered through Santa Cruz Free Skool.

Take your frustrations about being manipulated out on big bugs

Tracking dragonfly movements, and manipulating cockroaches: http://abcn.ws/WvqJnj

Sometimes, the easiest way forward is to go back

using old technology to do the simple stuff for cheap: Retrocomputing

Apple 1 reunion sighting

Your moment of Woz.

Open source OS for your mobile phone

Mozilla’s on it. Several Santa Cruz folk working on the project….

Your Alternate Reality Geeks

Occasionally, when the regular Geeks aren’t around, these guys emerge from a shadowy underworld to help the ordinary citizen in this confusing tech-controlled world, a la Harry Tuttle, heating engineer.