Reddit visits Mars Galaxy Cell Coverage from Home

Programer and produce Charley Manske joins Lyle to chat about home network cell coverage, his new Galaxy Note, and about Facebook, Reddit and more.

Reddit - fantastic Live information

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Cell Converge info

We covered this well on

Twitter Releases Music Service

Listener Jorie Henrickson suggested we chat about Twitter’s new music service online and on iOS as a separate application from their main Twitter app. To listend to the music seamlessly you Rdio or Spotify – you can do full music listening. If not you can listen to bits and then buy the tracks through iTunes.

Two Factor Authentication

You can read up on the idea of Multi Factor Authentication on Wikipedia and sign up for it…

The Great WebDev Debates - How to Run a Front-end Engineering Team

Lyle chatted about this event on Thursday where he got a chance to learn about the development practices at eBay, PayPal, Facebook, Netflix, and Pivotal Labs.

I love this meetup! – Lyle