JavaScript Everywhere

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Juergen Fesslmeier, product manager for Wakanda – an open source JavaScript application framework joins the Geeks to talk about the growth and prevalence of the JavaScript language. And to promote the js Every Where Conference.

Alpha Centauri Has a Planet!

“Astronomers have announced they have found a planet orbiting one of the stars making up the most famous star in the sky: Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to our own! At 4.3 light years distant, this is far and away the closest exoplanet known… and of course, it has to be.”

Electric Car Charging Plug Standard

“The electric and plug-in hybrid car industry is learning the lesson of the mobile phone makers. Instead of allowing a plethora of incompatible charging plugs to sprout up, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) International hopes to forestall confusion by settling on one charging plug design for North America. SAE has selected the J1772 combo plug as the standard, which uses paired couplers to allow for both AC and DC charging using the same plug.”

Twitter Censors Neo-Nazis in Germany, But Tweets Are Still Visible

“Twitter has blocked access to a neo-Nazi account to users in Germany, but it continues to be viewable to web users around the world. Update: Since this story was published, Twitter is now censoring anti-Semitic tweets in France.”

Learn By Building Your Own Computer

“How better to really understand how computers work – build one from scratch. It’s not a new idea but ironically it gets harder as each year goes by to get down to the lower levels and implement things from the simplest hardware. This is the story that a recent TED talk told, and it launched perhaps the very first of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).”

JS Every Where

A conference about developing JavaScript focusing on JS in business.
Lyle will be emceeing the first day of the conference and interviewing some of the speakers.

A wonderful collection of presenters will be covering the entire gambit of JavaScript tech.

Rocky Horror in Ben Lomond

Lyle and his partner have been working on the costumes for Rocky Horror Show, which opened last night at Park Hall in Ben Lomond; you can lear more at Mountain Community Theater. Lyle has been taking photos for the show as well..

Here are Columbia and Magenta