IE doesn't even fix Eagle Beaks

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Ben teased, this time about Renn Faire, Google to drop IE 8, cell phone data overcharges, and stolen hacked BMWs. These stories and your calls on this week’s episode of Geek Speak.

GeekBit: 3d Eagle Beak

3d printers are wonderful!

Renaissance Faire

In Gilroy this weekend and for the next month – Ren Faire!

Los Angeles Wants Space Shuttle Endeavour, but Must 400 Trees Be Cut?

It was supposed to be a spectacular event including a two-day parade, but space shuttle Endeavour’s final 12-mile journey through the streets of South Los Angeles has some residents protesting, because 400 trees would have to be chopped down to clear the shuttle’s intended path from Los Angeles International Airport to the California Science Center.
Although the science center, or CSC, where Endeavour is to go on display, said would plant twice as many trees in their place, tree lovers are still not convinced.

World's first colour moving pictures discovered

The world’s first colour moving pictures dating from 1902 have been found by the National Media Museum in Bradford after lying forgotten in an old tin for 110 years.

Acoustic Levitation of Liquids Looks Like Magic

Ever wanted to levitate liquid? It turns out it’s possible using simple sound waves!