Eye Tracking Brain Tricks

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Dr. Fiona Mulvey and Prof. Kenneth Holmqvist join us for a discussion on how the human eye works and a bit about eye tracking research.
Also, a mars robot sees rock and attacks it! Plus, networked cars help reduce traffic.

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Dr. Fiona Mulvey

Dr. Fiona Mulvey spends her days analysing eye movement data and its relationship to the activity of the brain. She is also the Chair of the COGAIN association and the Eye Movements Research Association, and a member of the International committee for the standardisation of eye data quality.

Prof. Kenneth Holmqvist

Prof. Kenneth Holmqvist leads the largest eye tracking group in the world in Lund University, Sweden. He is the author of the seminal work on eye tracking , the President of the Eye Movement Researchers Association and the Chair of an international standardisation committee for eye data quality.

After the show Fiona, Kenneth, Ben and I hit the beach for a bite to eat. We ran into the Ukalaly group of Santa Cruz (50 or so uks playing away). Kenneth and I talked more about eye tracking and bike riding, and Fiona and Ben played some music. It was a blast.