I can see clearly now

New Apple MacBooks are throwaway, no upgrades… but it looks so good.

Funnyjunk Lawyer Being Mocked Mercilessly

“As you have probably heard — since it’s all over the freaking internet — there’s a little fight going on between funny webcomic site The Oatmeal (and its creator Matthew Inman) and the not very funny aggregator of things that people claim are funny site, Funnyjunk. You can read our take on the mess, if you’d like.”

Coldplay Wristbands Turn Audience Into Giant LED Display

“Coldplay has been turning its audience into interactive participants at recent concerts by handing them Xylobands, LED-illuminated wristbands that can be activated using a radio signal.”

Forget Retina, look how much the new MacBook Pro displays!

One reason I purchased my 2010 MacBook Pro was because at the time, the computer’s display resolution of 1,680 by 1,050 was higher than that of any other laptop I was considering then (others may have been higher, but they weren’t on the shortlist of my personal options). The MacBook Pro Retina goes beyond that with a 1,920 by 1,200 display resolution, matched by only a few other laptops out there.

Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display

The newly redesigned Apple MacBook Pro with Retina Display combines an amazing screen with just enough of the MacBook Air design to feel like a new animal, and to take its place as the best of the current MacBook breed. We even awarded it our Editors’ Choice

First Privacy Bill of Rights meeting

The first in a series of meetings to decide concrete enforcement terms for President Obama’s digital “Privacy Bill of Rights” has just been announced for July 12, 2012, and its focus is on mobile apps.
The National Communications and Telecommunication Administration (U.S. Department of Commerce) has decided that it’s time to put President Obama’s Privacy Bill of Rights into practice.

Lyle and Miles Password Show on GeekSpeak

A quick, hour-long, discussion about passwords: Or how I learned to stop worrying and embrace the entropy.