Search Engins for the People

Facebook free speech and teacher usage, new search engines, global climate change activism, and more while Lyle and Miles take your calls and comments.

Facebook "likes" aren't speech protected by the First Amendment

“Bland and his cohorts worked in the Hampton Sheriff’s Office, under B.J. Roberts. Roberts ran for re-election against Jim Adams, and the plaintiffs were lukewarm in their support of Roberts. In fact, three of the plaintiffs went so far as to ‘like’ Adams’ Facebook page. Roberts won the election, and he decided to not retain the plaintiffs. He justified the terminations on cost-cutting and budgeting grounds, but plaintiffs argued that their termination violated their First Amendment rights. The court grants Roberts’ motion for summary judgment.”


“Imagine a search engine that simply removed the top 1 million most popular web sites from its index. What would you discover?”

Global Car Makers Announce 15-Minute EV Charging Standard

“Combined Charging System is the result of collaborative efforts between Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Porsche and Volkswagen. The system will get its first live demo at Electric Vehicle Symposium 26 (EVS26) May 6-9. As a concept it works, but not sure if it is actually production-ready.”

Hate fossil fuels? Then buy up the reserves

“Those with a desire to see a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels could do worse than to buy up reserves, according to a paper published this month. Researcher Bard Harstad argues that buying and holding extraction rights to fossil fuels is a more effective means of curbing their use than legislating to reduce demand.”

Social Media Rules Limit Student-Teacher Contact

“New York City public schoolteachers may not contact students through personal pages on Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, but can communicate via pages set up for classroom use, the city’s Education Department said on Tuesday after it released its first list of guidelines governing the use of social media by employees.”

Recovering Songs from an iPod - Mac Guides

The iPod songs are hidden away on your iPod in an invisible folder, ie one that the Finder won’t display normally. It is possible to let the Finder display hidden files as outlined in this guide or with 3rd Party Software. Otherwise you can follow the below instructions.

I've got something on your mind. DANM MFA Exhibition 2012

Exhibition Dates:  Open Apr 28-29 and May 3-6
Reception:  Friday May 4, 5:30 – 8:30PM
Gallery Hours: 10AM – 4PM
Active sessions:
Game/Reality Workshops will hold active sessions beginning at 11am and 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays during the exhibition.
Journey Through Light will be active between 8-10pm on Saturday April 28th, Wednesday May 2nd,  Friday May 4th (from 7:30-10:00pm), and Saturday May 5th.
Location: The Digital Arts Research Center (DARC) located off Meyer Drive near the Music Recital Hall and Theater Arts on West Campus.

Everybody's Google

As digital technologies become increasingly ubiquitous and accessible, digital resources are quickly becoming the primary resources for information and knowledge gathering. While the Internet is largely viewed as embracing democratic ideals and guaranteeing equal access for all, to all, the fact that our Internet experience is mediated almost exclusively through privatized companies, is inherently undemocratic.