So Long and Thanks For All the iPods.

A fond farewell to the irreplaceable Steve Jobs. Also quasicrystals, earthquake monitoring, living bridges, and more while Lyle, Terry and Miles extol the virtues of community radio. Pledge KUSP today!

The US Drone Fleet Has Been Infected With a Virus

“Military network security specialists aren’t sure whether the virus and its so-called “keylogger” payload were introduced intentionally or by accident; it may be a common piece of malware that just happened to make its way into these sensitive networks. The specialists don’t know exactly how far the virus has spread. But they’re sure that the infection has hit both classified and unclassified machines at Creech. That raises the possibility, at least, that secret data may have been captured by the keylogger, and then transmitted over the public internet to someone outside the military chain of command."


“What he saw in the aluminum and manganese material he was studying would revolutionize the way scientists study crystals, according to the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which on Wednesday awarded Shechtman the 2011 Nobel Prize in chemistry.”

Signal Predicting March Japan Earthquake?

“Imagine how many lives would be saved if the atmosphere could detect a major earthquake 30 or minutes before it rocked the land beneath.”

The iPhone 4S

“Nothing too surprising, there: “One size fits all” has been Apple’s mantra for decades, and it’s worked well for them, but it does seem to me that they are slowly falling behind the competition there (referring to the lackluster 4S announcement with no LTE nor NFC support nor different form factor).”

Samsung Galaxy S II Security

BGR has uncovered a major security flaw on AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II that renders Android’s security lock feature completely useless.”

Living Root Bridges

“In the depths of northeastern India, in one of the wettest places on earth, bridges aren’t built – they’re grown.”