MineCraft Super Cookies

Wyatt Troxell joins the Geeks to geek out about MineCraft, Ben fills us in on the half-a 3.5mm connector from Apple, and Miles tells us all about Super Cookies!

Stealing ATM PINs with thermal cameras

At the USENIX Security Symposium last week, researchers Keaton Mowery, Sarah Meiklejohn and Stefan Savage from the University of California at San Diego presented their paper “Heat of the Moment: Characterizing the Efficacy of Thermal Camera-Based Attacks.”

Inspired by previous research on safecracking by Michał Zalewski, they thought it would be easier for a criminal to snoop on ATM PINs using a thermal (infrared) camera to detect residual heat from keypresses rather than current techniques using traditional video cameras.

Apple To Cut Audio Plugs in Half To Enable Razor-Thin iPhone

Apple likes thin devices and considers the depth of the iPod, iPhone and iPad as a critical component of the aesthetic appearance of a product and has been very aggressive in finding ways to trim fat from its portable devices: The 3.5 mm audio-connector stands in the way of future design improvements: Apple suggests to simply cut it in half.

Persistant and Unblockable Cookies Using HTTP Headers

“The ETag (short for ‘element tag’) method of tracking users has been known and used in affiliate schemes since early last decade. It is also known that the Last-Modified header can, in theory, be used to track users by setting a unique update time.”

Leafy Photovoltaics

“I thought trees were a mess of tangled branches, but I saw a pattern in the way the tree branches grew. I took photos of the branches on different types of trees, and the pattern became clearer.”


Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. It also has music by C418! So far 12,146,754 people have registered and 3,189,692 people bought the game.

Wireless Link Between Long Distances

We got a call durring this show asking for advice on networking over great distances. Lyle didn’t know the name of the gear to use, but listener Jim filled us in. The Ubiquiti company has a few products that are not that expensive that do great long distance connections. Try the NanoBridge.