Social Network Who Must Not be Named

Skype vulnerable, Harry Potter, hear with your Brain, remember with Google, and much more all while avoiding Facebook and Google+.

Pentagon Announces Cyberspace as Operational Domain

On Thursday, Pentagon officials announced that it would begin treating “cyberspace” as an operational domain, the same as land, sea, and air. This comes amid, but not directly in response to, an announcement that the Pentagon had very recently lost 24,000 files in a major network breach.

How Digital Detectives Deciphered Stuxnet

This article is a fantastic summary of Stuxnet.

Researcher finds Dangerous Vulnerability in Skype

A security consultant has notified Skype of a cross-site scripting flaw that could be used to change the password on someone’s account, according to details posted online.

The consultant, Levent Kayan, based in Berlin, posted details of the flaw on his blog on Wednesday and notified Skype a day later. He said on Friday he hasn’t heard a response yet.

25% of Car Accidents are Because of Gadgets

In a recent study by the Governors Highway Safety Association, driving distractions such as cell phones and other electronic devices, cause as much as 25% of all US car accidents. It is common knowledge that driving while distracted is not a safe thing to do, but now we have some scientific data that goes in-depth on the topic.

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) is a nonprofit research group that works to improve traffic safety. Research was calculated via 350 scientific papers published since 2000.

The study talks about how distractions affect our driving performance and how drivers are typically distracted most of time. One thing that stood out of the report was the claim that being distracted was the cause of 15 to 25% of all accidents ranging from minor property damage to death.

Way with Words, public radio

This is like GeekSpeak, but all about language.
A lively hour-long public radio show about the English language. Co-hosts Martha Barnette and Grant Barrett take calls from listeners about linguistic disputes, grammatical pet peeves, the origins of words and phrases, and curious regional expressions. Martha and Grant also do battle with quiz guys from the National Puzzlers’ League.

ITC Ruling Threatens Future of Android

Apple won a preliminary victory over HTC—and over Android by proxy—when the ITC agreed this week that HTC smartphones violate two Apple patents. The ITC decision could be a sign that the Android party is over, and the mobile OS could be in trouble.

UltraViolet: The industry standard digital locker

55 of the leading figures in the digital video market have joined forces to launch UltraViolet – the “revolutionary new approach to digital entertainment”.

UltraViolet is being set up so people that buy digital video content are able to access their purchases from a digital locker and play it back on their various devices, whether that be PCs, internet enabled TVs, mobile devices or games consoles, without being tied to specific platforms.

Google is Changing the Way We Remember Things

A new study claimed that Internet search engines, like Google, are changing the way we think and remember things.

The study called “The Google Effect”, led by psychologist Betsy Sparrow of Columbia University, suggested that Google is changing the way our brains choose to remember information.

Free Submarine Cables Map

Durban-based software developer and occasional TechCentral columnist Greg Mahlknecht has built a free map showing the world’s submarine telecommunications cable systems.
The map, which took Mahlknecht several months to complete, is free of charge and will remain so. It’s available at
“I saw the Telegeography map and wanted one, but found it cost US$250,” he says. “I didn’t want it that badly and looked for a free alternative to print out but couldn’t find one. I realised a free version needed to be made.”