One-sided Conversations with Admiral Ackbar

Lyle and Miles discuss one-way sound, take your calls, and note that we still don’t have Admiral Ackbar’s birth certificate yet.

Art Show at UCSC

Lyle’s day job is at UCSC supporting the Digital Arts and New Media MFA program. Today and tomorrow are the last days to see this high-tech art show.

Homeland Security Demands Mozilla Remove Firefox Extension

“Apparently, the folks at Homeland Security are not at all pleased with the very, very simple Firefox extension, called MAFIAAfire, that negates ICE’s domain seizures, by automatically rerouting users to alternate domains. Apparently, DHS demanded that Mozilla take the extension down from its listing of Firefox extensions claiming that the add-on ‘circumvented’ DHS’s seizure orders.”

CNET Sued Over LimeWire

“Alki David, the wealthy film producer and entrepreneur behind sites like FilmOn, announced last year in a YouTube video that he intended to sue CNET and its owner, CBS, for providing hundreds of millions of downloads of LimeWire P2P software over the last decade. Today, he made good on his threat, rounding up some rap and R&B musicians to join his case.”

One-Way Sound Walls Proven Possible

“Imagine a room where a band is playing. Neighbors can’t hear the music, but if someone outside the room is talking, the musicians can hear it.”

LastPass Asks Users To Change Password After Probable Breach

“LastPass, a Web based password management firm, advised its customers to change the password they use to access the service following what the company discovered signs that its network may have been compromised.”

act to outlook conversion - Google Search

Conversion of ACT data to Outlook Contacts is a solved problem – but what solution will you use?

ectrocorticographic speech network to control a computer

We demonstrate here for the first time that ECoG signals associated with different overt and imagined phoneme articulation can enable invasively monitored human patients to control a one-dimensional computer cursor rapidly and accurately.

! Credits

A big “thank you” to the [Reddit|] user porkchop98 for his Admiral Ackbar parody.