Plastics: Recycle But Don't Inhale

Al Luckow and Miles Elam cover the Week in Geek.

HP's Slate specs slated by bloggers - Boing Boing

Its most interesting characteristic is a bizarre slide-out tray that exists only to display the Windows 7 licensing information. It’s like something from some kind of screwball comedy about awful product design: HP was apparently obliged to do this because it didn’t want to mess up the exterior with this compulsory information panel.

Blest Company: Plastic To Oil Machine – Home Plastic Recycling M

They should just install these next to the garbage can under the sink.

$799 HP Slate aimed squarely at businesses

When HP showed off its Slate 500 almost a year ago at CES, it was, as befits that show, presented as a consumer-oriented device. The system is, at last, available to buy… from HP’s business-oriented stores. The HP Slate 500 is a business machine, for professionals who aren’t bound to their desks.

Priced at $799, the Slate 500 packs a lot of power into a diminuitive, 1.5 lb machine. Its 1.86GHz Atom processor and 2GB RAM won’t set any speed records, but for the size, weight, and price, it’s going to be hard to beat. It sports a capacitive multitouch 1024×600 screen with a digitizer, allowing both pen and finger input, twin cameras (front and rear), and up to 64GB of flash for storage. On the software side, it comes with Windows 7, and not much else. There’s a note-taking application and an application to use the cameras, but that’s the extent of it.

iPhone 4, 8 Million Dollars

Time and again people have seen and modified their cellphones, bought stupidly expensive ones, and done almost everything to be different. Enter Stuart Hughes, once the previous version we covered here, was selling like hot cakes, This man decided to go all out and make a full custom full diamond version of the iPhone 4

Driver thanks man who hit him on purpose

“Driving to a Mariners game, Duane Innes saw a pickup ahead of him drift across lanes of traffic, sideswipe a concrete barrier and continue forward on the inside shoulder at about 40 mph.”

Facebook Introduces One-Time Passwords

“Worried about logging into Facebook from a strange computer? There’s now a way to get into the popular social network without entering your regular Facebook password.”

Facebook ads could 'out' gay users, researchers say

“Facebook users may inadvertently reveal their sexual preference to advertisers in an apparent wrinkle in the social-networking site’s advertising system, researchers have found.”