USB PSA, CC, China IE woes

New Theme song, Google and China troubles because of IE, Creative Commons (CC) of GeekSpeak, hydrogen cell phones, watch out for power outages, and what you can do about them.

And much more on this first and best and longest episode of GeekSpeak that has ever happened on January 16th 2010. And finishing it off, a live USB Public Service Announcement- tattoos.

Get an USB tattoo (No DOn't)

How I did it: For the most part it was my least painful. It was a bit harsh over the bony part but the rest was a breeze. I’m very proud to show it off and explain to people who don’t know what it’s about.

Another USB Tattoo

MSN-tech has culled together some of their favorite tech tattoos and we just need to stop and voice our approval of one in particular. In what have been a truly grueling process some bloke has decided to cover his arm, elbow to wrist, in the glorious USB symbol. I’m not sure he’ll get the same invitation that the Zune guy did but we have to laud his dedication.

USB Tattoo

USB Tattoo!

[usb_tattoo.jpg|USB Tattoo]

Last weekend, I caused a bit of a stir here (and apparently on Digg) with my post on the HTML tattoo. The general consensus was that it was cool and cute and what the hell do I know? (And that’s true… what the hell do I know?) One of our commenters posted his unique USB tattoo, and I just thought I’d share it. And this time I’ll just say, “To each her/his own” and leave it at that.

glimpse App Review (Photography) from - Glimpse is

Glimpse is the newest app by be | daronco, LLC. Glimpse combines time lapse video with GPS data to give you a unique view of your photos. Once you capture a glimpse you can play it back in the glimpse viewer. Your photos will be displayed in the top half of the screen and the location of each photo will be plotted on a google map in the bottom half of the screen. You can also now share your glimpses using Each user gets their own glimpse cloud space that they can upload glimpses to and then share a link with friends or post a facebook story about their glimpse. All of this is done directly from your iPhone.

New Theme Song

“I wanted to offer them a song that would help them realize their goal of making their program available through the Creative Commons license.”

World's First And Largest Transparent OLED Laptop

“We have already seen some of the most interesting transparent gadgets in the past, but the latest laptop concept by Samsung, showcased at the CES 2010, will definitely take you by surprise with its immaculate transparency. Featuring 14-inch [OLED|Organic LED] display, which when turned off becomes up to 40 percent transparent, the laptop concept is claimed to be the world’s first and largest transparent OLED laptop. This is the only info available at the moment, though you may go through the video for a closer look after the jump.”

IE Zero-day Used in Chinese Cyber Assault on 34 Firms

“Hackers who breached the defenses of Google, Adobe Systems and at least 32 other companies used a potent vulnerability in all versions of Internet Explorer to carry out at least some of the attacks, researchers from McAfee said Thursday.”

Creative Commons

Creative Commons provides easy and effective tools for creators to share their creative work when they want to. The resulting ability to share and collaborate enables new forms of creativity and enriches us all.

Hydrogen Power Coming Soon to Your Cell Phone

From cars to prefabs and some slightly greener gadgets, CES gave us plenty of things to marvel at this year. One of the most impressive in terms of future-forward innovation was the Motoslvr cell phone outfitted with Angstrom Power’s hydrogen fuel cell. With Angstrom’s new fuel cell technology, you are able to get the same sleek package as a regular cellphone, but the charge last more than twice as long on a charge time as short as ten minutes! Hydrogen mobile phones? That’s something to get excited about!

Airnergy Charges Your Gadgets With Wi-Fi Signals

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is over, but there are still a number of nifty devices trickling into our inboxes. One of our favorites is the RCA Airnergy, a USB-connected device that converts Wi-Fi antenna signals into usable power for your gadgets. The device is completely self-sustaining — it automatically charges whenever a Wi-Fi signal is close by and stores the power in a lithium-ion battery.