Transparent Al and BayFed Security

Ryder, Ben, and Lyle are joined by special geek guest [Jessse Wilkins|] to cover the week in geek news and take calls with questions and comments about technology.

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Simple Wikipedia is for everyone….

Animals often have feet, and there are a lot of different sorts of foot. When an animal has soft feet, or feet with soft parts on the underside, we often call it a paw.

iPhone SMS vulnerability exposed (and fixed)

An SMS vulnerability allows remote attackers to hijack any unpatched 3.0 iPhone. Apple released a patch in the form of a 3.0.1 firmware update on Friday

Black Hat 2009: Parking meter hacking - Hack a Day

At this year’s Black Hat Joe Grand, Jacob Appelbaum, and Chris Tarnovsky presented their study of the electronic parking meter industry. Focusing on the parking meters of San Fransisco they were able to trick the system be programing a parking payment card with unlimited money.

They are not showing the details of how the system works, but instead are giving SF the time necessary to fix the problem.

Bay Federal Credit Union - new security

Bay Federal Credit Union has implemented some new security features which require you to have Flash 9 or newer.

FCC looks into App Store rejection of Google Voice App

The FCC is investigating Apple’s application approval policy for various applications for the Apple Store, and how it relates to it’s relationship to wireless phone carriers. Could this spell the end of Apple’s finickiness?

YouTube - Creepy Japanese Crawling Robot

A crawling businessman robot. Performance art from Momoyo Roimitsu

Amazon Kindle Ate My Homework

What use are notes that say, “remember this paragraph,” when the book it refers to has been deleted?

Transparent aluminium is 'new state of matter'

’’What we have created is a completely new state of matter nobody has seen before," said Professor Justin Wark of Oxford University’s Department of Physics, one of the authors of the paper.

“Transparent aluminium is just the start. The physical properties of the matter we are creating are relevant to the conditions inside large planets, and we also hope that by studying it we can gain a greater understanding of what is going on during the creation of ‘miniature stars’ created by high-power laser implosions, which may one day allow the power of nuclear fusion to be harnessed here on Earth.”

Yahoo Gives In to Microsoft, Gives Up on Search

Yahoo will scrap its own efforts to best Google in search and instead rely on Microsoft’s recently debuted Bing search engine. Ads placed next to those search results would be served up not by Yahoo’s ad platform, dubbed Panama, but by a Microsoft technology called AdCenter.

! From Listener Jeff Croteau

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[Apple Apple 3.0.1 update – notes from Apple Support|]

Is anyone worried about the [possible shut down of Skype by eBay|] ? Patent license disagreement!

“Ebay bought Skype in 2005 for about US$2.6 billion but that deal didn’t include the peer-to-peer networking technology on which it runs. That technology is owned by a company called Joltid and licensed to Skype, but the two sides have fallen out over the licensing agreement.”

“Although Skype is confident of its legal position, as with any litigation, there is the possibility of an adverse result if the matter is not resolved through negotiation,” the company said. “Skype has begun to develop alternative software to that licensed through Joltid.”

eBay [10-Q for June 2009 Quarter|]

[Microsoft/Yahoo search deal in simple terms |]

MS Bing/Yahoo won’t start happening until next year – “Both companies hope to close the deal in “early 2010.” Then they’ll implement the deal in major countries around the world, the US being one of them. They say the transition will take three to six months. So those Bing results should be showing up on Yahoo between summer to fall of 2010.”

!! Japanese Crawling Robot – YouTube videos:

!! Data Backup 3 for Mac

!! Web CMS software:

Sleep is not an efficient use of time :)
Depend on how much you need it ..

! Internet Exploder! FireFox is faster!!

Do you use Chrome? – finding it nice & fast
I also have tried Chrome – some pages are fast – FireFox 3.x seems to load most pages even faster – but it may be my perception. I also test using Safari as well.

FireBug – [Firebox debugger|] – it is fantastic!!! – gives you all sorts of info about how to make your web pages better, faster, etc -

Lyle Mentioned Google’s slowdown causing service for web log analysis, it is called [Google Analytics|] and at the website [Google Website|]

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