Kathleen Ann Goonan's 'In War Times'

The Geeks welcome Rick Kleffel to the show to discuss a handful of the latest science fiction books, including ‘In War Times’ by Kathleen Ann Goonan. Please read ‘In War Times’, and then call or email during the show to add to the discussion. Book recommendations will also be discussed.

Kathleen Ann Goonan’s ‘In War Times’ – A review of the book by Rick Kleffel

Firefox 3 hits 8.2 million downloads in 24 hours

Despite some networking hiccups due to server overload from very high download demand, Mozilla more than surpassed it’s 5 million download goal in a 24 hour period. This was a first of it’s kind Guinness world record attempt.

iPhone 3G - Same CPU

It looks like Apple’s new 3G iPhone is using the same CPU as the first revision. Or at least that is what is being guessed from the battery performance and other specs being released from Apple.

Also, maybe the [new iPhone does cost that much to make|http://www.eetimes.com/rss/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=208403011&pgno=1], or so some speculate.

NVIDIA's Mobile Processor

NVIDIA has a new chip for mobile devices with support for HD Video decoding with less then 1 Watt of power.

[Check out the interface demo
|http://www.nvidia.com/object/mobile_games_demos.html] and hope that we see these hit the shelves soon.

Safer Safari

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Apple’s Windows version of Safari had a vulnerability called a “carpet bombing” and that Apple didn’t plan to fix the bug. Fortunately they they changed their mind and released a new version that fixes this and other bugs.

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