Maker Faire 2008

The third annual [Maker Faire|] is coming to the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. It was a [blast last year|], and this one will be packed with even more. Dale Dougherty joins the Geeks to chat about Make Magazine, Craft Magazine and this wonderful faire.

Grateful Dead archives going to UC Santa Cruz

The Grateful Dead collection is being donated to UCSC’s Special Collections Department. It is the largest donation ever made to the department, including more than 2,000 square feet of documents and artifacts.

Detecting When We Zone Out

Researchers have discovered a method of detecting when our brains go into slowdown during repetitive tasks.

Cloning a Master Sniffer

An accomplished golden retriever sniffing dog has been cloned. The clones are similarly adept and quick to learn.

Ultra Long Term Data Storage

UCSC computer scientists develop solutions for long-term storage of digital data.