Black Holes of Humor

Covering the Week in Geek News, the Geeks talk about speed trap detection, small and ultra small black holes, and Apple is the largest U.S. music retailer, and much more.

The Earth Will Not Be Destroyed

Or “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Large Hadron Collider.”

In unrelated news, Miles must fall on his sword (soldering iron?) over an error in delivery. LHC is in fact part of [CERN|] despite his assertions to the contrary. Mea culpa.

Smallest Black Hole

You think your last fudge brownie mix was dense? Imagine four suns in an area only 24 kilometers (15 miles) wide.

Ceasing and Desisting Your Own Hardware

Want to unlock the full potential of your Creative Labs sound device in Windows Vista? Apparently Creative Labs doesn’t.

Apple on Top

Apple edges out Walmart for the US music retailer crown.

Have Camera, Will Hack

Get the most out of your bargain (Canon) camera with the [CHDK|Canon Hacking Development Kit] and get advanced features normally found only on higher-priced models.

Social Trafficking

In another twist on social networking, drivers with cell phones may soon be able to let each other know about local traffic conditions in real-time.

! Calls

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