The Geeks Get Skeptical

What do UFOs, Wi-Fi health concerns, and Firefox 4 have in common? The Geeks don’t think they exist. They’re fun to talk about though.

Comcast Changes Their Mind About BitTorrent

After what seems an eternity of Comcast versus its BitTorrent-using customers, Comcast teams up with the company BitTorrent based in San Francisco to integrate the technology more closely with their networks.

Sepastopol Turns Down Public Wi-Fi

Citing health concerns, the city of Sepastopol has cancelled their contract with The Geek consensus is that any health concerns are quite overblown considering the physical realities of the technology. The [ CEO has released his thoughts|] regarding this turn of events. Bottom line, if you have FM radio reception in your area, [municipal Wi-Fi|] — much lower power than radio stations — is the least of your worries.

South Park. Downloadable. Free.

Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone said they were “[really sick of having to download our own show illegally all the time|].” Turns out that [The Daily Show|] made the same move last year.

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