Pledge Drive Give Away

We will be asking for your pledges of gifts to KUSP because we know that KUSP is important to you, and, let’s face it, we need to pay the bills.

As a thank you we will be giving away gifts. During the hour of the show, just call in on the pledge line, 1 (888) 777-1507, and, even without a pledge, you can put your name in the hat for a free [USB|Universal Serial Bus] 2.0 DVD burner or an internal Blu-Ray player.

Is IPv6 Ready?

The [IETF|Internet Engineering Task Force] “[eats their own dog food|]” by turning off IPv4 support and relying solely on IPv6 during their recent tech conference.

Mr. Geek Goes to Washington

Bill Foster, Democratic Representative to Hastert’s former district, is a physicist with a Ph.D. from Harvard who worked at the Fermilab for 22 years. And he can code!

Look Up At the Sky!

When maps of the [Earth|], [Moon|], and [Mars|] become too mundane, take a look at [the rest of the cosmos|] with Google Sky.

Verizon Embraces Peer to Peer

Calling their technology P4P, Verizon looks to [P2P|Peer to Peer] file sharing to improve service and lower bandwidth costs.

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! Give Away

Thanks to Sony we have five items to give away. Anyone who pledges via phone or web, even with a zero dollar amount, for the hour of GeekSpeak will be put into the drawing.

!! Pledging and Entering the Drawing

You do not need to pledge any money to enter the drawing, just enter “0” for the amount.

!! Give Away Items