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Gaming vs Hollywood

Hollywood Blames [Halo 3 sales|] for [Poor Movie Sales|]

Secure Your Macintosh

Alex suggests this great article that talks about ways to [be
secure on your Mac|
], and states things in a way that is reasonably easy
to understand.

Schwarzenegger vetoes data-breach bill

“California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill on Saturday that would have prevented companies from retaining certain sensitive payment data and spelled out what information firms would need to disclose in the event of a breach.” [full article at Security Focus|]

Retailers look to exorcise credit-card data

From Security Focus, [retailers asking PCI toss credit-card numbers|].

Image-based threat on the rise

[Stenography is getting renewed life|] in the crime world, and even being used as a method of trafficking stolen data (CC #’s, SSNs, etc.)

Astrophysicist Replaces Supercomputer with Eight PlayStation 3s

Suffering from its exorbitant price point and a dearth of titles, Sony’s PlayStation 3 isn’t exactly the most popular gaming platform on the block. But while the console flounders in the commercial space, the [PS3 may be finding a new calling in the realm of science|] and research.

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