Photoshop CS3, Gaming Rapture, and Wireless Power

“Left Behind: Eternal Conflict”, a conservative Christian violent video game, is being sold at Walmart under protest. Photoshop 10 CS3 Beta was released last night. Devices that are powered without wires or batteries. Miles, Sean, Drew, and Lyle cover the Week-In-Geek news segment and take your calls.

Beta Photoshop 10

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta available at [Adobe Labs|].

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! Lyle’s Accident
Lyle was in a car accident on Wednesday night, thanks to the GeekSpeak listener that stopped to help.
[2006_12_13_1085.jpg|The head-on collision resulted in a total loss of both vehicles. And though his head is hard, Lyle’s leg and neck are hurting a little. Luckily Dr. Dawn is going to give Lyle his first acupuncture treatment; we will see what a geek thinks about this form of alternative medicine.]

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