Combatting SPAM

SPAM: How it works and how to get rid of it. Bob Cagle and Dean
Pfutzenreuter from
Open Field Software
join the Geeks to explore spammer techniques and the development of
software tools to combat them.

Bob Cagle is the Founder and CEO of Open Field Software, the makers of Ella for Spam Control. A 25 year technology industry veteran, Bob co-founded Thuridion in 1990 and has been involved in large software projects that produced commercial applications for Microsoft, Symantec, Hewlett Packard, and many more. Dean Pfutzenreuter — also a founder and VP Product Development for Open Field Software — designed and developed the majority of the Ella application. Dean also worked at Thuridion and has led over 65 commercial projects in both senior engineering and management capacities for the past 15 years.