IC Design with Paul McGrath

Exploration of development and design of Integrated Circuits.
Paul McGrath of Mixed Signal Systems, joins the Geeks to discuss the details of creating the silicon chips that are in everything these days.
Intergrated Circuit Design with Paul McGrath of Mixed Signal Systems Inc. of Scotts Valley, CA.

When you hear about chips or ICs chances are you are hearing about processors. Intel, Mortarola, AMD and others design processors wich are the heart of a computer. But processors are only a small fraction of the chip industry. Other ICs or Intagrated Circuits are used for a miriad of things: Memory, small sensors, communication devies, controlloers, amplifiers… you name it and there is probably an IC that you can buy that does it.

Basically an IC is a microscopic electronic circuit encased in a plastic die with 2 or more wires comming out. You have to supply power to them and then you can use the circuit within.

Paul McGrath holds a Bachlors of Sciance in Electrical Engeniring from Lancaster University in England and has been desiging analog mixed signal ICs for 17 years. He moved to Santa Cruz in 1990 and has been working for Mixed Signal Systems Inc. of Scotts Valley since 1996.

Geek Speak is normally a show available for everyone,
on this show we got way technical and even a few of the die-hard geeks lost our meaning.
Paul was a blast to have on. He invited Lyle and John to swing by MS2, which they did on the 1st of May.

Lyle brought his 18 month old son, Wyatt, to Mixed Signal Systems Inc. in Scotts Valley and one of Paul’s co-workers held him why John and Lyle got the unofficial tour by Paul. John and Lyle agreed that it looked like a great place to work.