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NFT insider trading, tech experts urge to resist Crypto industry influences, larges plant is a Sea Grass in Australia, Safari is popular, Microsoft Excel reduces remote data types – and Lyle’s hot take on meditation.

U.S. charges OpenSea ex-employee in first NFT insider trading case | Reuters

Nathaniel Chastain, 31, of Manhattan, was accused of secretly buying 45 NFTs on 11 separate occasions based on confidential information that the tokens, or others by the same creator, would soon be featured on OpenSea’s home page.

Tech Experts Urge Washington To Resist Crypto Industry's Influence - Slashdot

Harvard lecturer Bruce Schneier, former Microsoft engineer Miguel de Icaza and principal engineer at Google Cloud Kelsey Hightower, are among 26 leading computer scientists and academics who have signed a letter delivered to US lawmakers heavily criticising crypto investments and blockchain technology. While individuals have made similar warnings about the safety and reliability of digital assets, it marks a more organised effort to challenge the growing influence of crypto advocates who want to resist attempts to regulate the frothy sector. “The claims that the blockchain advocates make are not true,” said Schneier. “It’s not secure, it’s not decentralised. Any system where you forget your password and you lose your life savings is not a safe system,” he added. “We’re counter-lobbying, that’s what this letter is about,” said signatory and software developer Stephen Diehl. “The crypto industry has its people, they say what they want to the politicians.”

The World's Largest Plant Is a Self-Cloning Sea Grass in Australia - Slashdot

The sea grass — not to be confused with seaweed, which is an algae — is Poseidon’s ribbon weed, or Posidonia australis. Jane Edgeloe, a University of Western Australia Ph.D. candidate and an author of the paper, likens its appearance to a spring onion. Ms. Edgeloe and her colleagues made their discovery as part of a genetic survey of Posidonia grasses in different areas of Shark Bay, where she SCUBA dived in the shallow waters and pulled up shoots of Posidonia from 10 different meadows. On land, the researchers analyzed and compared the grasses’ DNA.

New data shows only two browsers with more than 1 billion users | Ars Technica

Apple’s Safari web browser has more than 1 billion users, according to an estimate by Atlas VPN. Only one other browser has more than a billion users, and that’s Google’s Chrome. But at nearly 3.4 billion, Chrome still leaves Safari in the dust.

Microsoft is killing Money in Excel along with Wolfram Alpha data types

Money in Excel was one of the big features Microsoft touted when it rebranded Office 365 consumer plans to Microsoft 365. Essentially, it allowed you to easily import data from your bank to help you keep an eye on your finances. That happened just over two years ago, so this feature will have lived just over three years by the time it’s discontinued. Thankfully, you can still use it until June 30th, 2023, and your existing data won’t disappear. You just won’t be able to add any more data to it. Microsoft is instead offering a 60-day free trial of Tiller if you’re looking for a similar service, but that means you’ll eventually be spending more money on another subscription.

Samsung To Close LCD Business - Slashdot

Samsung Display has decided to close its liquid-crystal display (LCD) business in June, hobbled by a declining global competitive edge due to cheaper products made by its Chinese and Taiwanese counterparts, according to the industry, Sunday. No investment plan details have since been announced. The decision by the display affiliate of Samsung Group came six months sooner than expected, due in large part to rapid losses from falling LCD prices. According to Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), a U.S. market research firm, the average price index of LCD panels, measured against 100 in January 2014, will fall to 36.6 in September of this year. The figure has dropped farther from the record low of 41.5 in April of this year, and 58 percent lower than the record high of 87 in June 2021.

The True Purpose of Mindfulness

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