Vacation with Chainsaws, Motors, and Glasses

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My vacation included fixing motors, accepting glasses, and milling redwood with chainsaws.

My Replacement Fan Motor

If I had fixed the old motor first I wouldn’t have needed to buy this $50 replacement – but hey, old motor can now be used for other things!

Thermal Fuse Cutoff

My attic fan motor stoped working because this little fuse opened.

New Thermostat Switch with "Firestat"

Kinda cool that this has a cut-off for high temperature caused by fire.

Milling Redwood

Here are some pix from our milling.
The Logs:

Me with my orange cap and our family friend Jack.

My wife Maggi finishing a log:

Samples of what we are making:

I have Glasses

Here I am with new readers…. and a great scotch, I mean it was still vacation!