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One of the ones recored at the end of Feb 2019

Facebook, Google, CDC under pressure to stop anti-vax garbage from spreading

With five measles outbreaks ongoing in the US, lawmakers are questioning both health officials and tech giants on their efforts to combat the noxious anti-vaccine misinformation fueling the spread of disease.

YouTube to blame for rise in flat Earth believers, says study

According to research almost everyone who believes in flat Earth theory got started on YouTube.

Facebook struggles to deal with vaccine deniers

Many users have trouble distinguishing between reliable sources and unreliable ones.

How Facebook and YouTube help spread anti-vaxxer propaganda

The Guardian found that Facebook search results for groups and pages with information about vaccines were dominated by anti-vaccination propaganda, and that YouTube’s recommendation algorithm steers viewers from fact-based medical information toward anti-vaccine misinformation.

Can artificial intelligence help boost your school's safety?

Bark Technologies, Gaggle.Net, and Securly Inc. are three companies that employ AI and machine learning to scan student emails, texts, documents, and in some cases, social media activity. They look for warning signs of cyber bullying, sexting, drug and alcohol use, depression, and to flag students who may pose a violent risk not only to themselves, but classmates.

Academics Confirm Major Predictive Policing Algorithm is Fundamentally Flawed

Last week, Motherboard published an investigation which revealed that law enforcement agencies around the country are using PredPol—a predictive policing software that once cited the controversial, unproven “broken windows” policing theory as a part of its best practices.

Clearasil "Pizza Face" Commercial

Late capitalism is a hell of a drug.