Monday AIMs to Sleep in Space

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Don’t like Mondays? Twitter data shows it really is the worst day of the week. AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down in December, and a year in space is really bad for you.
And at the very end, Lyle and Ben try and sing using Ben’s wonderful – tis a fun one.

AIM, aka AOL Instant Messenger, is dead in December: End of an era

All good things come to an end. On Dec 15, we’ll bid farewell to AIM. Thank you to all our users! #AIMemories

Monday is the worst day of the week according to a Twitter data analysis

In this analysis, the university’s “hedonometer” takes a random sample of about 50 million Twitter posts each day, which is roughly 10% of all the site’s message traffic. The researchers have assigned average scores to more than 10,000 commonly used words (from 1 to 9, on a scale of increasing happiness), which are used to measure a particular day’s happiness.

Astronaut Scott Kelly on the devastating effects of a year in space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space. His recollections of this unprecedented test of human endurance, and the physical toll it took, raise questions about the likelihood of future travel to Mars.

How to Fake a Sleep Timer on Google Home

[It’s] a hack, but it works. And it’s the closest we’ve gotten to a real sleep timer on Google Home so far.

Tessel 2

Tessel 2 is a robust IoT and robotics development platform. Leverage all the libraries of Node.JS to create useful devices in minutes with Tessel.

Ben's Fun Lyric Mixer - Hamilton

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