Nordic Passwords are made from Chips, Salt, Fat, Paint, and Zombies

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Employees can chip themselves, MS Paint is no more, 1Password focus on funding, Nordic Problems, T-Rex sprint speed, chickens as steady cam, and more Geek News.

A Wisconsin company will let employees use microchip implants to buy snacks and open doors

Participating employees will have the chips, which use near field communication (NFC) technology, implanted between their thumb and forefinger.

Correction: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat author is Samin Nosrat, is a Woman

A couple weeks ago on the AIs get Burned Out on AR episode of GeekSpeak Ben mentioned Salt, Fat, Actid, Heat – a cookbook.
Listener Scot wrote:
I’m a few days late to the podcast so I’m sure I’m not the first to mention it but the author, Samin Nosrat, is a woman. The discussion about the book was great but knowing how conscious you are on the show about gender and race issues I thought you would want appreciate the correction. Also, on a side note, the book is based on a cooking class she developed by the same name which is taught in San Francisco.

Microsoft Paint to be killed off after 32 years

Long-standing basic graphics editing program, used throughout childhoods since the 1980s, has been marked for death

Swedish authority handed over 'keys to the Kingdom' in IT security slip-up

Criticism is mounting over IT security at Swedish government agencies after it emerged that millions of Swedes’ driving licence data may have been leaked to other countries.

Norway: The country where no salaries are secret

This week the British papers revelled in news about how much the BBC’s on-air stars get paid, though the salaries of their counterparts in commercial TV remain under wraps. In Norway, there are no such secrets. Anyone can find out how much anyone else is paid – and it rarely causes problems.

Who moved my cheese, 1Password? – Medium

From the article – TLDR;

  • 1Password is aggressively pushing a software as a service model for their app.
  • The stand-alone apps are no longer being marketed, and there are references in the forum to customers having to request special links. I’ve not looked at every single platform version, but at least for Windows, the link is still on the AgileBits download page if you know to look.
  • Local device storage (i.e., local vaults) are being strongly discouraged, and in my view, barring a course change, headed for full deprecation.
    *In the latest 1Password version 6.x for Windows, you can no longer create or update local vaults. That might change in the future, or it might not. But their forums make it clear that they are strongly pushing all new customers to non-local storage.
  • The web site login uses unsigned on-demand host-based javascript, and users must enter their vault password & master key to sign in to the site, even for for routine billing updates. Absent 2FA/U2F, there’s a real risk of simple phishing.
  • At the time of this writing, 1Password has made no public blog post or coherent announcement explaining the new roadmap, just lots of mixed messages from the PR team, the principals, the forums, and their Twitter feed staff. Update:
  • If you have and use 1P, great. I do too! But you might log in to to see exactly what you have backed up in their cloud.
  • My issue is transparency & control. For many others, it’s also cost. As I have said repeatedly, I want companies like AgileBits to thrive. I want them to be able to grow and to continue to hire the best security and product design people around. But I want the choice of where my data reside.

T. Rex Couldn't Sprint But It Could Still Move Faster Than You

Films like Jurassic Park have led us to believe that Tyrannosaurus rex was capable of chasing down its prey at full tilt. New research done with simulations suggest this dino was no sprinter, and that it couldn’t move any faster than a brisk walk. Well, a brisk walk for a nine ton carnivore. At a top speed of 12 miles per hour, you’d still be hard pressed to outrun this prehistoric beast.

Facial Recognition Coming to Police Body Cameras

Even if the cop who pulls you over doesn’t recognize you, the body camera on his chest eventually just might.

Chicken Powered Steadicam - Smarter Every Day - YouTube

Chicken Powered Steadicam – Smarter Every Day

Judge: Glassdoor reviews aren’t “political,” so feds can grab user identities

9th Circuit won’t hear from amici concerned with users’ First Amendment rights.