Home Networking - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X

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Alex Sleeis, our Southern California Correspondent, teaches us how amazing the $50 Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X is and what you can do with it to keep your home network safe and happy in the age of IoT (Internet of Things).

Alex's Feature Wizard for Zone Initialization

I did a little cleanup on the zone initialization feature wizard and posted it on the Ubiquiti forums. We’ll see what others think. It seems the biggest downside to having zone-based rules is that it significantly increases boot time. I’m not worried about it taking a few minutes, but apparently with large (100K+) rule sets, it can take 15 minutes to boot some of their bigger systems.

I’ve been working on a zone initialization wizard. Ever since I got a couple EdgeRouter X’s for home, I’ve been really loving the features. We use zone-based rules and structure at work with some of the larger sized PaloAltos. When I saw zone support, I had to explore it, and found that a wizard was needed to get past the complexity of building out all the permutations of rulesets. Personally, I wish zones were more like bound objects [where] one could simply include 1-to-many of in source and destinations of firewall rules rules… but I’m still happy to see what this has to offer.

Alex's Ethernet-over-Power Device

I went with the TP-Link AV 1200. In theory I could get up to gigabit, but few home power lines are that clean… so I get about a couple hundred Mbps. I haven’t really tested it heavily once I saw I got reasonable speeds.

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