Maine Police Watch for Rude Texts

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Your Mac needs a patch; you may decide you need the Apple watch if you fall for trying one one; The Maine police learned they needed to be more careful with their data — by paying a price; the Geeks need a workable chat/text platform across mobile systems; and the world needs your ideas for the etiquette of handling each others’ devices.

Update your Mac: Apple fixes major flaw in OS X Yosemite, but won't patch Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks

A serious vulnerability present in every iteration of Apple’s desktop operating system since OS X 10.7 — one which allows any user process to gain root privileges — was disclosed to the public on Thursday following the release of OS X 10.10.3, which addresses the issue, and users are urged to update as older OS X versions will remain susceptible to attack.

Welcome to the future: US cops pay Bitcoin ransom to end office hostage drama • The Register

Four police departments in Maine are paying ransoms to have their files decrypt after being held hostage by malware.

YouTube will let users go ad-free for a fee

YouTube will soon give viewers the option of paying a monthly fee to skip ads.
On Wednesday, the online video service sent a letter to its most-popular content creators asking them to sign off on new contract terms to allow for the change.

Turing manuscript sells for $1 million

A 56-page notebook manuscript by Alan Turing, the English mathematician considered to be the father of modern computer science, was sold at auction Monday for US$1.025 million.
The manuscript is almost certainly the most extensive by Turing, in his own hand, in existence, experts at Bonhams auction house said. Turing apparently wrote in the notebook in 1942 when he was working in Bletchley Park, England, trying to break German military code.

Apple Watch lures nearly 1 million customers, study finds

Nearly 1 million U.S. customers sprang for an Apple Watch on the first day of sales, according to an estimate from a data firm, suggesting a strong debut for Apple’s first wearable.

Nearly all Apple Watch retail try-ons are resulting in preorders, Cowen says

Customers who schedule an appointment to try on the Apple Watch are extremely likely to walk away with a preorder for the device, according to a new informal poll of retail employees conducted by an analyst.

Live Streaming Coding Sessions

Programmers streaming themselves programming is increasingly becoming a thing.

Uber to Affect Car Dealerships The new carless generation?

Taxi unions are not the only government protected industry that ride-sharing companies are overhauling. Auto dealerships are indirectly feeling the heat, as American teens skip getting their driver’s license. Once an established past-time in American culture, in the last 30 years, the number of 16-year-olds with driver’s licenses has plummeted ~40%, according to a 2012 article published in the journal of Traffic Injury Prevention.

Admin Rights vs Not

for the Yosemite only fix….

Listener Mark writes in:

It is my understanding that the flaw in OS X that you mentioned in the April 13 (or 18), and which will not be corrected in older versions of OS X, does not affect users who are not running as an administrator.

This is very true. And it makes a lot of sense to have one admin account on your Mac, and then use another account that does not have admin rights. This is fairly easy to do by adding an an account called Administrator with admin rights. Then confirm you can login with that account (unique password please) and then remove admin rights from your main account.

After this, to do any admin things (installing software and the like), you will need enter the user and password of that administrator account.